Upright Sprinkler

K Factor: K5.6(80) | K8.0(115)
Thread Size: ½” NPT (15 mm) | ¾” NPT (20 mm)
Response: Standard & Quick Response
Finished: Brass | Chrome
Temperature: 57˚C(135˚F) | 68˚C(155˚F) | 79˚C(175˚F) | 93˚C(200˚F) | 141˚C(286˚F)



  • For all hazards.
  • 3 mm bulb (Quick Response)
  • 5 mm bulb (Standard Response)

Usage Areas

  • House
  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • Mall
  • Car Park
  • Dormitory
  • Trade Center

Mounted in locations without suspended ceilings with the deflector pointing upwards. The water hits the deflector and sprays downwards with a conical expansion. It can be used for wet, dry and pre-action systems.


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